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10×15 Self Storage Unit

Certain hobbies and businesses require storage beyond the norm. Certain projects, too – like a remodel or a large-scale move – necessitate large, temporary storage. For those situations, our 10×15 storage units are ideal.

At slightly smaller than a one-car garage, the standard 10×15 unit gives you a great combination of large size and lower price compared to our 10×20 unit. If you find yourself with serious storage needs on a not-so-serious budget, this could be the ideal size for you.

Standard Option

The standard 10×15 unit gives your items shelter and security without protection from temperature change. For more durable items, this unit provides just the security you need without the additional cost of climate control.

This type of unit is ideal for:

  • A trailer. Own a landscaping business? Need to haul stuff occasionally, but struggle to find a spot for your trailer? It will fit perfectly here, along with spare parts.
  • Personal watercraft. Got a jet ski or a motorboat? These durable items will be right at home in our 10×15 unit.
  • Business inventory. If you’re a small business, the 10×15 unit is ideal for your shelving, seasonal signage, decorations, and other spare inventory.

Climate-Controlled Option

Our climate-controlled 10×15 units provides an important piece of additional protection: temperature control. For highly sensitive or valuable items, this extra feature gives you important peace of mind.

What might you keep in a 10×15, climate-controlled storage unit?

  • Do you trade in vintage furniture, décor or other sensitive items? Keep your inventory safe and sound here, and access it for your next transaction.
  • Temporary remodeling storage. If you need to vacate a small or mid-sized home for a project, this unit is a great way to keep your belongings safe and sound.

Standard Features

  • 24×7 access (standard units only; climate-controlled units accessible M-F 6am-8pm)
  • Protected by gate and fence security
  • Eligible for month-to-month and long-term options