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10×10 Self-Storage Unit

Looking for more storage than the average case, but don’t want to break the bank? A 10×10 unit could be the right fit for you. It’s ideal for storing the belongings or collections of two people.

The 10×10 size takes the same relative compactness of the 5×10, but offers more horizontal space options for things like sofas, tables, and other bulky items. It can easily hold the entire contents of two small bedrooms, or a small family room. It’s ideal for couples and young families, or for those with more large items than usual.

Standard Option

Our standard 10×10 self-storage units come with no climate control options. They are shielded from rain and wind, but your items inside can still feel the heat of summer and the chill of winter. As a result, these units are not recommended for antiques, sensitive materials, or other items that don’t tolerate temperature changes.

This type of unit is ideal for:

  • Multiple large appliances. A 10×10 unit can comfortably fit large appliances – a washer and dryer, a range – side by side with no need to stack.
  • Multiple or extra large mattresses. A California king will fit comfortably in this unit, and it can easily hold mattresses for an entire family.
  • A small vehicle. Need to keep your bike or jet ski out of the rain? Our 10×10 can easily accommodate it, with room to spare for tools or equipment.

Climate-Controlled Option

Our climate-controlled units maintain a standard temperature year round. This extra protection is ideal for sensitive items that could be destroyed in extreme temperatures.

What might you keep in a 10×10, climate-controlled storage unit?

  • Vintage small vehicles. Older rubber and leather are very picky about their temperatures. Keep them safe here from cracking and splitting.
  • Antique furniture. A 10×10 can easily accommodate tables, chairs, desks, and other priceless pieces of sensitive antique furniture.
  • Fine art. Invested in a larger canvas? Our 10×10 units will preserve their color and clarity for years to come.

Standard Features

  • 24×7 access (standard units only; climate-controlled units accessible M-F 6am-8pm)
  • Protected by gate and fence security
  • Eligible for month-to-month and long-term options