Climate-Controlled Storage

Why Climate-Controlled

Do you need to store items that are susceptible to temperature change? Valuables that are precious or even irreplaceable? Need something long-term and secure? Our climate-controlled units – which maintain a constant temperature regardless of the weather – go above and beyond mere shelter to keep your important documents, antiques, and even vehicles safe from extreme heat and cold.

Unique Solutions

Our climate-controlled self-storage units offer several options:

  • In a standard unit, your items can be exposed to significant temperature changes. This is fine for certain items, or for temporary storage. But for sensitive materials or a long-term option, it pays to invest in climate control.
  • Our climate-controlled units offer a wider range of size options than our standard units, so you can find the option that meets your exact needs.

Our climate-controlled units represent guaranteed control over how your belongings are stored, not just where. They are protected by the property fence and coded gate entry.

Please note that aside from the 10'×20' option, our climate-controlled units are only accessible from 8 am - 8 pm, Monday through Friday.

Benefits of Storing with Us

  • Gated keypad entry
  • 24/7 video surveillance
  • Free lock with lease
  • Ground-level units

Size Selections

5'x5' Unit

The size of an average linen closet or small bedroom closet, this unit is perfect for putting aside a few things. More creative uses include beer and wine storage.

5'x10' Unit

One of our most popular offerings, this unit is the size of an average walk-in closet. It can easily hold an entire bedroom, including a mattress and furniture.

5'x15' Unit

The extra length of a 5'×15' is perfect for storing a larger bedroom, or particularly long items.

10'x10' Unit

At half the size of a one-car garage, this unit is perfect for storing small vehicles, extensive business records, or a small family room’s belongings.

10'x15' Unit

Ideal for a larger-sized living room, a 10'×15' unit is also perfect for large, sensitive antiques.

10'x20' Unit

Our largest unit can easily house entire vehicles, vast document libraries, and inventory, or the belongings of an entire home.