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5×15 Climate-Controlled Self Storage Unit

Remodeling a larger space? You probably want to keep your belongings out of the way. Maybe you’re renting a property, and want to keep your most precious belongings away from any tenants. Alternatively, maybe you need climate-controlled security for your motorcycle, ATV, or other small vehicle.

With its extra-long build and year-round climate control, our 5×15 self-storage units could be just the solution you’re looking for. At the size of a large walk-in closet, the 5×15 unit can easily hold the contents of an entire one bedroom apartment. For a larger house, you can fit a master suite into this unit, including a mattress, nightstand and a television.

The 5×15 layout is uniquely suited for long items. A sectional couch, long construction materials, extra-large rugs, and more will all fit comfortably inside.

All of our 5×15 units are climate-controlled, so they stay at a constant temperature year round.

Uses for a 5×5 Climate-Controlled Unit

A 5×15 storage unit is ideal for temporary or long-term storage for items that are large, long, and/or sensitive to temperature changes.

  • Antique or leather furniture. Protect your favorite couch, chair, or long dining table by placing it in a 5×15 unit. The climate control will keep it safe from Mother Nature, and the long size makes it ideal for items with unusual proportions.
  • Sporting equipment. The 5×15’s extra-long layout makes it ideal for something like a kayak, which can be difficult to store in a typical home.
  • Long construction materials. If you need to store untreated wood or rust-prone metal, this unit will keep them safe and sound. Its size is ideal for longer sections.
  • Valuable business records. With ample room for filing cabinets and boxes, this unit can keep your business records secure. Climate control keeps moisture and temperature from damaging paper.

Like all of our climate-controlled units, the 5×15 option is accessible from Monday to Friday, 6am-8pm.