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Storing Gas-Powered Items Long-Term

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Gas-powered appliances – from a weed eater to a car – are integral to our daily lives. Be that as it may, many of them are bulky and difficult to store, and many of them are only needed seasonally. This is why a self-storage unit can be ideal! But before storing your motorcycle, lawn equipment or other gas-powered appliance, there are a few things you need to know.

Standard or Climate-Controlled?

Choosing standard or climate-controlled storage is typically a two-part question.

The first is budget. A standard unit is usually more affordable than a climate-controlled one, and the cost savings can be worth it for certain items. However, it brings with it significant temperature fluctuations.

That leads to the second question: can your particular item withstand such changes? Smaller engines like those in lawnmowers or weed eaters are simple and sturdy machines, meant to operate in extreme conditions. But larger items like a scooter or tiller – which often feature rubber wheels and belts – can be far more sensitive to temperature changes. Keep that in mind.


Before storing any gas-powered appliance, empty the gas! Gas goes bad after a long time in storage, and you’ll be stuck with a stubborn start when it comes back out. You should always drain the gas from the appliance in case leaks form.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to waste the gas. Buy some fuel stabilizer and put it in an approved container. If you must get rid of the gas, make sure you take it to an approved hazmat disposal site.

Oil should also be drained and disposed of when putting small engines away. Unlike gas, it cannot be reused; your local hazmat disposal center and many service stations will recycle it for you.

Rubber and Belts

Just like your car or truck, small gas-powered appliances often use many rubber parts: wheels, drive belts, grommets and more. These rubber parts easily dry out in cold weather and are designed to be replaced.

To save yourself some grief, remove these parts before putting the appliance in storage. It’s much easier to remove rubber when it isn’t cracking all over your hands. Because these parts are designed to be replaced, the expense is low enough to be worth avoiding frustration.

Do you need a safe space to store your lawn equipment, motorcycle, or small boat? Alamance Self-Storage offers both standard and climate-controlled storage units in a vast range of sizes. We also offer available 24/7 access, and our location is minutes from both Elon University and Interstate 40. Contact us today for a free quote!