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Self-Storage for Etsy and Crafters

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Arts and crafts hobbies can be incredibly good for the soul. Unfortunately, though, they can also be quite messy. For the average crafter, the sheer amount of supplies associated with their medium can quickly overwhelm a home. Thankfully, self-storage units can be an excellent resource for anyone hoping to get organized or expand their crafting. Here’s how:

Use Your Storage Unit as a Workspace

If you’ve ever dreamed of your own private studio to work on your arts and crafts, a self-storage unit could be the answer. Whether you’re in need of a place to store supplies or want a dedicated space to craft, a storage unit gives you a personal, private spot to access whenever you need. This kind of space is especially useful for those interested in turning their crafting hobby into a business. Having a separate place to work on custom orders can help you maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Organize Your Materials

When your medium demands a wide array of supplies, it helps to get organized. Consider bringing bookshelves into your unit to create a well-organized. custom system for your materials. Plastic bins can help you sort items and give you easy access a moment’s notice. Etsy sellers may also want to develop a mailroom sort of space, with boxes of stamps, envelopes, boxes and other shipping material to use when fulfilling orders.

Storage Units as Photography Studios

Whether you’re a hobbyist or are selling your creations online, taking good quality photos of your art is important. While you might struggle to find a blank canvas at home to display your pieces for pictures, a storage unit can serve as the ultimate photo studio. Consider hanging a backdrop to give your pictures a little extra professional edge.

When it comes to self-storage units, the opportunities are endless. Whether you need a quiet spot to work, a place to store materials or a personalized shipping center to mail out your creations, a storage unit could be the answer.

Alamance Self-Storage offers both standard and climate-controlled units in a variety of sizes. No matter how large your crafting operation, we can give you the space you need. Contact us today for a free quote!