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Self Storage for Musicians

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Musicians tend to amass a lot of stuff. From new instruments to electronic doodads to music books, most of them quickly experience the same challenge: where do you keep it all? A storage unit is ideal for storing all of your extra gear! Here are some considerations if you want to invest in storage for your music equipment.


Instruments have slight variations in how they must be stored, but two primary factors reign supreme. The first is where they’re stored. As most instruments are delicate, you want to keep them off the floor to avoid things falling on them. For instance, guitars should always be stored vertically on a stand or wall mounted rack. Drums should be kept clearly marked and away from other instruments. For brass or woodwind instruments, in their case on a shelf will do.

The second is the temperature of storage. Nearly all instruments contain temperature-sensitive materials, whether it’s leather or wood or something else. A climate-controlled storage unit is essentially a requirement if you want them to last, and it’s why they should never be stored in your attic at home.


Speaking of arranging items, you definitely need to invest in shelving. Metal or plastic shelves are ideal, and should be paired with towels and blankets for extra padding. For amps – heavy and cumbersome as they are – you should construct a cart of some sort. A simple block of wood with casters on the bottom would be sufficient; you’ll be glad when you have to move things around.

You should also invest in humidifiers. While whole-room humidifiers are convenient, they are also more difficult to regulate. Small instrument humidifiers fit neatly in instrument cases, ensuring their delicate wood is preserved.

Speakers and Electronics

Humidity and temperature fluctuations mean death for most electronics. Wrap your speakers, amps, and recording interfaces in plastic to protect them from the elements, and always store them in a climate-controlled environment.

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