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How to Organize Your Garage

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The humble garage is the embodiment of practicality. It’s the most useful room in your home: a parking spot, a workshop, a band practice space…and a place for storage. Even a lightly used garage demands careful organization to live up to its fullest potential. How can you keep your garage neat?

Invest in Infrastructure

Most garages are pretty barren, with some left unfinished. Your shelving situation is likely dire. Invest in some 1×12 hanging shelves; you can mount them to wall studs to free up valuable vertical space. With that vertical space, you can fit plastic containers of small valuables, or install a workbench. Special brackets exist for lawn tool to minimize their horizontal footprint.

Speaking of vertical space, remember that you have a ceiling. You can buy hooks and straps to hang bikes and other long items.

Plan a Layout

Your garage should be carefully organized into zones: a working area, a storage area, a space for the car. Zones should be placed in logical areas; for instance, long-term storage can be out of the way, with the main path reserved for high traffic places like a workbench. Garbage cans should be placed as close to the exit as possible – for smell and for ease of use – and noise can be mitigated by putting areas behind shelves and far from the house.

Be Careful with Chemicals

Keep all chemicals as far off the ground as possible. You don’t want pets or kids walking on or opening that stuff! You should also clearly label all containers. Even if you know what they are now, don’t count on remembering in the future.

Build Cleaning Habits

To avoid another day-long cleaning job, maintain your space! Plan mini-cleanings on a quarterly basis. When you’re finished working, take time to clean up your space and put things away. These minor inconveniences now will save you time and heartache down the road.

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