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Have Sleep, Will Travel: Moving a Bed

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Moving is never fun, but parts of it are definitely easier than others. It can be amusing to dig through old photos as you pack things away, and relieving to get rid of all the junk you don’t need. Unfortunately, you probably aren’t ditching your bed, and moving it can be very intimidating. But fear not! With the proper prep and a bit of care, you’ll get your sleeping space to your new house in no time. Here’s how.

Get What You Need

First things first: plan a route. Take measurements of doorframes, hallways, and any other obstacles between your bed and your moving truck. Compare those with your bed and explore all of your options.

You’ll also need some supplies, the most important of which is a mattress bag. This is especially important if you’re putting your bed on a pickup truck, so that bugs and dirt stay out. You’ll also need tools to take things apart, some small bags for parts and screws, and ratchet straps.

Disassemble What You Can

While the mattress and box spring probably shouldn’t meet the business end of a screwdriver, your bedframe is likely made for it. Take it apart as much as you can. Do so with care, especially with an older or wooden bedframe. Keep screws, brackets, and other necessities in a bag. If there’s a spot on the bedframe that won’t be visible, tape or screw this bag to it so that it doesn’t go missing.

The Big Move

On moving day, your mattress should probably be the last thing to go, as it’s helpful to keep its exit route free and uncluttered. Get a friend to help you, and turn the mattress on its side at a 90-degree angle. With one hand holding the bottom and the other on the side, lift it off the ground. Sliding it can be done, but doing so outside is a bad idea.

For tight corners or staircases, remember that you may need to twist the mattress laterally. A solid mattress can take a few bumps around doorframes, but a rigid box frame is another matter. Be extra careful not to bend it too much, or you might break it!

Last – and most importantly not least – use strong ratcheting straps to secure your bed to your moving truck.

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