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There’s something magical about wood furniture. Its tones add warmth and comfort to any room, and the variety of colors let it match just about any décor scheme. But as in nature, not all wood furniture is created equal! For properly storing, maintaining, and cleaning your furniture, it pays dividends to understand its material.

Different types of wood have different qualities, and today we’ll be going over common wood types in furniture construction and storing wood furniture. Most wood is split (no pun intended) into two categories, each of which has their own types.


This wood comes from oaks, maples, and other trees that lose their leaves annually. It is tough, durable, and rare, and is naturally fire resistant. These qualities make it ideal for flooring and construction, but crafting furniture from it is more labor-intensive. Common types include, but are not limited to:

  • Ash: with its light, neutral color, ash is ideal for an open and airy décor scheme. Of all hardwoods it is arguably the easiest to bend, making it very popular for furniture.
  • Mahogany: with a potential height of over 70 feet, mahogany trees are strong and impressive. The same can be said for furniture made from it, with its sumptuous brown color and almost black graining.
  • Walnut: walnut is known for its strength, but in furniture is most often prized for its color, ranging from a rich dark brown to lighter earth tones.
  • Beech: the light color of beech makes it quite popular for furniture, and its distinctive tight grain lends it a unique look. It also polishes very well.


Softwoods come from evergreen trees like cedars, firs, and pines. It grows faster and is more easily cut down, making it more common and affordable. These same properties make it easy to craft furniture from. Common types include, but are not limited to:

  • Pine: the malleability and easy availability of pine has made it a favorite for furniture since colonial times. It is medium-light in color, and fits nicely in most homes.
  • Cedar: with its dark red tones and noticeable scent, cedar is a popular material for rustic or mountain-themed furniture.

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