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A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Used Furniture

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Buying anything new has its merits. Warranties are nice, and the idea that you’re the first person to own a thing can be very rewarding. But buying used has its benefits, too! With furniture, it’s an ideal way to save money and get something truly unique or vintage for your home. However, it also takes a little know-how. Today we’ll talk about buying used furniture.

Where to Look

Consignment stores are the first place you should check. While prices are typically higher, most owners are very knowledgeable, and it pays to know the piece’s true worth. Many also offer delivery services, which puts some of the fragile transportation liability on them.

Craigslist and garage sales are a blessing and a curse. On one hand, sellers may not know an item’s true value…but on the other hand, quality can suffer as a result.

Identification and Inspection

When you view a piece, immediately check for tags! These can inform you of a piece’s lineage (and therefore its worth.) If you’re buying upholstered furniture or a mattress, bring a magnifying glass so that you can check for bed bugs. Cleanliness is also not immediately obvious: check under the cushions for filth, look for damage near seams.

Also check the piece out for its build quality. Nails are often a sign of shoddy construction. Look for crooked screws or wobbly joints, especially if it was originally a DIY job. Dovetail joints are often

What to Do With It

If everything looks good, congratulations! If furniture needs cleaning or repair, know the difficulty. A professional can cheaply fix some lingering dirt, but body oil stains are harder to remove. Likewise, a small stain can come right out, but chipped or broken leather is hard to color match.

It’s also important to consider if the piece could be retooled. Like the shape, but not the upholstery? Replace it. Don’t like the shelving material? Replace it. If you have the skills and vision, buying worse-quality furniture with the intent of restoring it it can save bundles.

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