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10×25 Self Storage Unit

Sometimes even the best equipped home or office won’t get the job done. A home may need to be temporarily vacated, and a thriving business can easily outgrow its space. Our 10×25 units – in both standard and climate-controlled varieties – can take it on.

The 10×25 size is meant for serious, large-scale storage needs. It can easily hold the entirety of a 2-3 bedroom home: couches, mattresses, appliances and all. It’s the ideal choice for temporary storage during remodeling.

Businesses with extensive or specialized inventory, decades of business records, or other storage needs beyond their facilities can also find use in a 10×20 unit.

Standard Option

Our standard 10×20 units protect all of their contents from wind, moisture, and other natural forces. They are not temperature-regulated, and in turn are more affordable. However, many items do not need the extra benefit of temperature control, and such a solution can be practical for short-term storage.

This type of unit is ideal for:

  • Remodeling projects. A remodel may require moving extensive belongings out of a home. The 10×20 unit’s large size make it perfect for such a project.
  • Large, sturdy objects. Many types of furniture, workshop equipment, and other large items require a lot of space and lack temperature considerations.
  • Business inventory. Shelving racks, seating, ducting, fencing and more will all fit nicely in our largest-sized units.

Climate-Controlled Option

Our climate-controlled units maintain a standard temperature year round, shielding their contents from damage caused by temperature fluctuation. These are unique among our climate-controlled units in that they are accessible 24/7!

What might you keep in a 10×20, climate-controlled storage unit?

  • Vintage vehicles. A restored sports car, an Italian Vespa, and other priceless antiques need a safe, controlled environment. This unit can hold them comfortably.
  • Temporary vehicle storage. Going abroad for a while? Keep your car safe in one of our climate-controlled units.
  • Extensive document libraries. Many, many years of receipts, accounting information, and permits from a large-scale business can be organized and maintained here.

Standard Features

  • 24×7 access
  • Protected by gate and fence security
  • Eligible for month-to-month and long-term options